Buddy Lindsey

I parent, learn, teach, mentor, and do stuff. My joy comes from setting a goal, learning something new, and then passing the fruits on to others. Be it a good family life for my wife and kids, or knowledge to everyone. I can sum up who I am in a couple of sentences:

Life is a constant struggle. I choose to embrace, and feed on the struggle. I do it so others don't have to struggle with what I have struggled with.

Below is more about me. You might or might not find it interesting, I leave that to you.

Some of my favorite personal site about pages are ones where people go into their story and tell about themselves, like an autobiography. Since this is my site I am going to do that as well. Below is a bit of a table of contents to jump around to where you want.

Thank you for reading. If you enjoy it or want more information I will be continually adding to this page, so visit back.

Early Life

I grew up in Glenpool, Ok, and attended Glenpool Schools from kindergarten all the way through High School.

I was definitely into technology, and was lucky to get an IBM 286 from my parents. One day my best friend was showing me how to erase a floppy disk, format c:\. We waited... After a while nothing happened so we rebooted the computer, and again nothing happened. He finally realized he had just deleted the hard drive and not the floppy disk. I had no OS.

From there we got MS-DOS installed and I got to learn how to use the computer from a command prompt only. I played with edit, I installed games. I was able to do a few things, and it was fun. Though I never knew what programming was.

Later we got a family computer that could get online with AOL, and I remember the fateful day when I figured out you didn't have to use their software. You could click on the "blue e" on the desktop and get to the internet.

My mom told me about "Creating Web Sites", and I looked into it. There was a site taught making basic websites with "monkey" in the name, but it never quite made sense because I didn't know what I would do with the knowledge.

Then my friend,who formatted my computer, went to technology camp. It was a special week of Boy Scout summer camp where you got to play with technology the whole time. There he learned the basics of HTML, and got a site up on geocities. When he got back to town he showed me, and it was awesome.

From there we went to the library and I checkout "HTML For Dummies" and "Web Design for Dummies". The Html book was fun because they had a section for the brand new XHTML, woohoo. So read both of those books and made websites writing them out on notbook paper since I didn't get much time on the family computer.

I then took the next step and transposed a few of those on the computer in frontpage. It was awesome. One day we even found out that frontpage could generate html for you so we did that for a while making sites. Though we finally landed on that frontpage created terrible html bloat, and we abanded it for writing raw html.

When I was about 15 or 16 I finally saved up around $400 and was able to build a basic computer. It wasn't great, but it "worked". I could play the originally unreal tournament, and browse the internet. Once I had access to the internet, the rest as they say is history.

More to come...

Boy Scouts

I joined Boy Scouts as a tiger cub when I was 5, and am still active today as an Assistant Scoutmaster. I earned my Eagle Scout when I was 17 after sitting on paperwork for 2 years, yay to be young and dumb.


  • High School Degree
  • Certificate of Completion for "Web Enterprise Development" at Tulsa Technology Center
  • Associates Degree in Computer Information Systems from Tulsa Community College
  • Bachelors of Science in Computer Science from Oklahoma Statue University


TulsaWebDevs was one of the greatest groups I ever join and it really setup my career trajectory.


  • Waterfield Technologies - On Call Server Support
  • Vitals.com - Software Engineer
  • ConsumerAffairs.com - Senior Software Engineer/Project Manager
  • SummitESP - Senior Software Engineer/Project Manager
  • The Picks & Shovels Co. - Software Engineer III

Personal Projects


I have a wonderful wife and daughter, and loving parents.

My Faith

I am a Christian.


I want to own my own company, and be financially independent enough I don't "have to" work.

More detail to come.