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Running your static site behind a server certificate on s3 is easy'ish, but very confusing if you don't know how to do it. To start you need to connect s3 to cloudfront to certificate manager then to your dns. It is easier than it sounds.

Properly processing requests in your views is important, and one of the most important things is knowing what HTTP verb is being used. There are few ways to determine whether you are getting a GET or POST. The two most common ways people determine this...

One of the most common games people want to make game wise is a tile based RPG. To start you need to add a character to the canvas and be able to move him around with your keyboard that is the primary goal of this article.

HTML5 local storage is a really cool feature which is super easy to use and fairly useful, especially for your HTML5 web applications. I have recently started using it for a few items here and there and am impressed with how versatile it is.