Recently I was compelled to learn python since it seemed like a lot of different forces were driving me to do so. After learning the syntax basics I figured I would take the next step to start learning Django since it is the predominant web framework for python, and I am a web developer.

One of the things I found particularly disheartening is the severe lack of video tutorials available on the web. I am a huge fan of videos because I learn best visually, almost to a fault. There are a few scattered around here and there, but most are out of date. The fortunate things is Django has some of the best documentation for a project I have ever seen, but at the end of the day it is documentation and sometimes some dots don’t connect well in them.

I make the point about video tutorials because, I guess, I was spoiled in the .NET and the Ruby world where there are videos everywhere. Someone is always doing a new one. Take RailsCasts for example, it has been going strong for a long time now. I feel Django can really benefit from some kind of video tutorials as well.

Therefore I have decided to start It is a fun project, partly, because I coded the base site using Django and launched it to Heroku. I then recorded the first video and posted it all in about 30’ish hours. I plan to release a new video every week, maybe two, which is short and sweet doing something with Django or surrounding technologies.

Most of the videos are going to be 5 to 15 minute videos which are there to show you how to do 1 thing really quick to get started. I also plan to follow up with more comprehensive videos that cover in a lot of detail and are upwards of an hour long, those will be premium, but very affordable.

With that please visit and watch the first video. If you feel so inclined, as well, feel free to comment here or there and leave advice suggestions or comments.